Our Daily Routine


8.50-9.00am: Arrival Time

Parents can drop off their children at their own convenience between 8.50-9.00. 



9.00-9.30am: Settling in

Children have access to toys and activities on arrival, to encourage settling in.



9.30am: Gather Time

Children and staff come together to talk about the day ahead and share ideas and possibilities.


9.40-11.30am: Free Play (with open outdoor access)

Children can independently access toys and activities for an extended period of time.

Research has proven that children are more engaged and motivated to learn when using their own experiences and interests to lead their play.


10.00-10.45am: Snack

Children have free access to a fresh and healthy snack during these times. This enables them to make their own decisions, avoiding disruption of play.


11.30-12.00pm: Tidy-up and Storytelling/Rhyme Time

Children are encouraged to help tidy up. This is followed by either a story or songs and nursery rhymes on the carpet.


12.00-1.00pm: Lunch

Children and staff sit together to eat lunch.

Children can bring a packed lunch or alternatively order a cooked meal from Lataca Catering

(providers of Nursteed School lunches).


1.00-2.30pm: Free Play (with open outdoor access)

Free play commences with an option of an afternoon snack.



2.30pm: Tidy-up and Storytelling/Rhyme Time

As morning session.


3pm: Home time